Item #9730 Hazelton Spencer Ex-Libris Bookplate. Hazelton Spencer, Renzo Cellini.
Hazelton Spencer (Renzo Cellini)

Hazelton Spencer Ex-Libris Bookplate

Image size 5"x7". Mounted on front cover of "Reliques of Ancient English Poetry" by Thomas Percy, D.D. -- Printed name at bottom of the bookplate, Renzo Cellini ------------------ Roma. -- I could find very little about the illustrator, Renzo Cellini (see in comments below). He seemed to be quite famous for his ceramics. Very good +. Item #9730

"The painter and illustrator Renzo Cellini, son of the painter Giuseppe, was born in Rome in 1894. During the 1920s, he alternated his work as an illustrator and graphic designer in Florence, Leipzig and the Academy Italy. Around the end of the twenties he founded the pottery art magazine "Keramos" and reopen the collaboration with Ferruccio Palaces. from 1928 to 1934 he was artistic consultant for the Coen stores in Rome. in 1932 he exhibited some works at the III Show of the Fascist Union of the Lazio Region. In 1934 he died in Rome struck by tuberculosis"

Price: $125.00

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