Le Petit Prince. Avec des aquarelles de l'auter. Antoine De Saint-Exupery.
Le Petit Prince. Avec des aquarelles de l'auter
Le Petit Prince. Avec des aquarelles de l'auter

Le Petit Prince. Avec des aquarelles de l'auter

Bilioheque de la Pleiade: Gallimard - NRF, 1997. Nouvelle edition - acheve d imprimer le mars 1997 sur les presses d l'imprimerie herissey a evreux (eure). Hardcover. 8vo., 93 pages, acetate dust jacket, , slipcase, cream covers with gilt circular vortex with greens and yellows planets & stars on front and red and blue on the back panel (design by Paul Bonet). Color illustrations by the author. Fine / near fine. Item #9527
ISBN: 2070105024

"Paul Bonet was one of the central figures in French book design in the 20th century, and is today known primarily for his elaborate embossed, stamped book bindings in leather and board. His extensive design work accompanies publications on art, literature and the history of ideas in France in the 20th century. It is a characteristic of his work that his designs, even for artist books or books illustrated by artists, have little more than an associative relationship with the subject’s actual formal program. Even the book’s title or the author’s name often plays a subordinate role in Bonet’s composition. That is to say, Bonet often stamps a pattern on the binding that is entirely abstract and whose composition initially springs from the craft tradition and ornamentation patterns of embossed book binding which he himself innovated. This contrasts with modern, publicity-orientated book covers that are based on title illustrations or title typography. Stylistically, Bonet is unmistakably rooted in French Art Deco whose semi-abstract formal potential he developed and expanded to the utmost extent throughout his 50 years in the trade. In so doing, Bonet radically exploits the space between pure Art Deco design, modern quasi- calligraphic book ornamentation and geometric abstraction."contemporaryartdaily.com.

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